"1919 - The Ballad of Rexford" Liner Notes

Available as separate audio file downloads below is the complete interview Mark did with his late father, Rexford Townsend, as he tells the story that would ultimately provide the narrative for Mark's album.   The introduction is available to stream below.  Enjoy.

Complete Interview with Rexford Townsend

Intro 3.13 MB
First School 4.37 MB
Early Moves 3.83 MB
Early Jobs 3.53 MB
Hilliard 4.35 MB
Junior High 2.71 MB
List of Moves 11.6 MB
Parents Split 5.62 MB
Father and Son 16.5 MB
Edward Info 3.46 MB
Mom's Side 4.23 MB
High School 7.05 MB
After School 8.73 MB
In the Military 37.9 MB
Meeting Mom 2.55 MB
Trucking 5.46 MB
After Trucking 1.24 MB
Early Marriage 6.63 MB
Sharon & Gale 2.18 MB
Cars 12.5 MB
Faith 15.5 MB